Support for expectant mothers

Most low-income women in Cameroon do not have access to prenatal checkups. As a result, many women do not receive enough information about what to consider during pregnancy and childbirth. As a result, heavy, physical work is also usually done during pregnancy, and in partw. also consumed alcohol. In addition, undetected HIV transmission to the child cannot be prevented.

The expansion of the maternity ward in the medical health centre in the agglomeration of Douala will enable ultrasounds to be performed in the future. This allows any abnormalities to be detected at an early stage so that the parents-to-be can be prepared for them.

With our two donation packages for expectant mothers we would like to support on the one hand financially weak women and their families, so that they can also receive the necessary prenatal examinations. On the other hand, the foundations are to be laid to ensure professional care. To achieve this, we need to expand the maternity ward, procure the necessary equipment and train the local health personnel.

For the extension of the maternity ward we need 4’800.- Swiss Francs, whereby we have already financed almost half of it. Thank you! In addition, we would like to finance the costs of prenatal examinations for 20 financially weak families.

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