An incinerator – to protect people and the environment

Waste disposal is a major problem in Cameroon. There is practically no state infrastructure for the proper disposal of waste, especially medical waste. Recycling, for example of PET bottles, is also practically impossible. That’s why the waste is usually buried or burned on site. This harms the environment and people’s health.

This type of disposal is particularly risky for medical waste: Burning can release toxic fumes. At the same time, this increases the risk of infection. Waste from our medical health center is currently temporarily stored in a pit due to lack of infrastructure.

With your support we will build a professional incinerator for CHF 5’200.- to better protect people and the environment. In addition, we will conduct training sessions with the local population to ensure the use and maintenance of the kiln, thereby generating additional jobs. With the new stove we solve the disposal problem of the medical health centre and enable a part of the local population to dispose of household waste properly.

What is special about the project

With the incinerator, we kill several birds with one stone:

  1. Medical waste from the medical health center can be disposed of properly, without risk of infection.
  2. We protect people and the environment. At the same time, we enable part of the population to dispose of their household waste in a more environmentally friendly way.
  3. We brew up know-how on site and generate jobs.

For this we need your support

For the construction and commissioning of the furnace we need CHF 5’200. We will build the incinerator in cooperation with Technik ohne Grenzen (

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