Our project and our values

Learn more about Cameroon and our humanitarian project in Bekoko.

We operate the first medical health centre in Bekoko and run it with local staff. In this way, we create a point of contact for consultations, treatments and prevention work. Our goal is to improve the health situation in Cameroon in a sustainable way.

Our project

Learn more about Cameroon and our humanitarian project in Bekoko.

The village of Bekoko, located close to the largest town of Cameroon, Douala and in the border area with the Kriesen region, has no health facilities.
Although the nearest hospital in Douala is only about 50 km away, the journey there is very complicated, expensive and time-consuming. As a result, many people do not take the road until it is already too late or, unfortunately, not even then.
People who are restricted in their mobility do not have access to medical care at all, as there are no ambulances and public transport is only carried out via Moto taxis. For these reasons, the KamerunGO! supports the local project partner NGO Hope and Life Cameroon (the one from the KamerunGO! founders) in the project to build a community hospital and run it with local employees.

The centre is intended to offer Bekoko residents treatment for acute illnesses, screenings, vaccinations and minor accidents. In addition to the outpatient clinic, the centre has 9 inpatient beds and 3 beds for infants, as well as a well-equipped laboratory and pharmacy.
In addition, prevention work is carried out (e.g. health campaigns in schools and kindergartens) and consultations on various health issues. This gives the local population access to primary medical care as well as information on health and prevention. Thanks to the new centre, diseases can be detected and treated at an early stage. The aim is to massively alleviate the precarious health situation in the region, through effective treatments and the reduction of new infections.

Project overview

Opening health centre

Despite the very difficult circumstances, the construction work progressed quickly due to the current difficult political situation in the country and so the sporting schedule has been largely adhered to in the last 2 years. At the moment we are on the strenuous finishing straight and are looking forward to the opening at the end of the year.
The core team, which will be employed in the hospital, already meets regularly, develops concepts and work processes, exchanges ideas, plans the facility and is in contact with the population. Two of our future employees are also in further training courses, which were also funded by us.

The construction is carried out with workers from the region and, where necessary, accompanied by specialist personnel (honorary work) from Switzerland. This is necessary, for example, during excavation work and the installation of the solar system. We build sustainably and with local building materials and workers, thus creating jobs.

Goals 2019 for KamerunGO! and Hope and Life Cameroun

  • Installation of the solar system
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Needs analysis for further offers
  • Strengthening existing partnerships and expanding further partnerships
  • Marketing promotions and events
  • Collecting donations from private individuals, institutions and companies
  • Further development of the project
  • Active support on the ground
  • Planning and conducting health campaigns
  • On-site training and training for staff
  • Getting back to School project for IDP children in the region

Achieved goals 2018 KamerunGO! and Hope and Life Cameroon

  • Expansion of website, donation platform and marketing material
  • Further development of the strategy
  • Tracks of the 1st Health Campaign
  • Building partnerships in different areas
  • Collecting donations from private individuals and institutions
  • Performing various actions and events
  • Acquisition of the land and start of construction
  • Tracks up administrative processes
  • Organisation of further training courses for 2 future employees
  • Carrying out the first health campaign

Achieved goals 2017 KamerunGO!

  • Foundation of KamerunGO! in June 2017
  • Foundation of Hope and Life August 2017
  • Development of project and schedule based on basic concept
  • Development of the project team in Cameroon and Switzerland
  • Building marketing, communication and fundraising
  • Building partnerships

Our most important milestones

Kamerun Krankenhaus

Bekoko is located in the agglomeration of Douala

Bekoko is located in the agglomeration of Douala

Impressions from Bekoko

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