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Even more green energy for the health centre in Cameroon

7. April 2021

Our health center has been in operation for over a year now. What started as a drop-in center for first…

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019

13. January 2021

Transparency is important to us! The Annual Report 2019 incl. Annual financial statements (download as PDF), we will present at…

An incinerator – to protect people and the environment

13. January 2021

Waste disposal is a major problem in Cameroon. There is practically no state infrastructure for the proper disposal of waste,…

Shop online and donate for free

13. January 2021

Over the next few weeks, many will likely be purchasing Christmas gifts online. With a little detour via donations…

Support for expectant mothers

13. January 2021

Most low-income women in Cameroon do not have access to prenatal checkups. As a result, many women do not receive…

The coronavirus continues to spread

26. July 2020

848 infected, 130 recoveries and 14 deaths: these are the official figures related to the coronavirus in Cameroon. But the…