Shop online and donate for free

Over the next few weeks, many will likely be purchasing Christmas gifts online. With a little detour via donations can be generated free of charge for KamerunGO! .

How do I have to proceed to generate a donation for KamerunGO! for free?

  1. Calls the website
  2. Register on the platform and set a username, email and password
  3. Log in to
  4. In the “Express Search” you can now search for the desired shop (216 shops are available!).
  5. The generated donation will appear after a few days and can be donated to KamerunGO! via “Donate Credit”.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

How can I generate donations at no extra cost?

The concept is based on affiliate marketing. I.e. the online shops pay a percentage of the purchase price to buy’n’help for referring a customer. You can find more information in the following explanatory video.


Co-Präsident bei KamerunGO!

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