Even more green energy for the health centre in Cameroon

Our health center has been in operation for over a year now. What started as a drop-in center for first aid, illness and minor accidents has evolved into a community hospital. Due to the increased energy demand, the existing solar plant must be expanded in order to continue to ensure a sustainable, self-sufficient and stable power supply.

The demand at the health centre in Bekoko is high. The offer is actively used by the population and could even be expanded in the meantime: In addition to medical consultations, prevention and educational work, there are now also sports courses, physiotherapy and nutritional advice. Dental examinations and additional gynaecological services such as caesarean sections are to be added to the range of services next. The dental unit in particular requires a lot of electricity, which is why our goal is to have an expanded solar system up and running by the end of July 2021.

Infobox salt battery

In Cameroon, unfortunately, prolonged power outages are to be expected on a daily basis. Accordingly, it is essential for the health centre to produce the electricity it needs itself. Basic needs such as light, but also the cooling of medicines must be available without interruption. For this purpose, a solar system, provided by the NGO Solafrica, was initially installed on the roof. However, additional solar panels are needed to meet the increased demand for electricity.

In addition, problems have arisen with the old storage battery. The lead-acid battery is not designed for the high temperatures in Cameroon. It is therefore to be replaced by a sustainable salt battery to guarantee a stable power supply (more information on the salt battery in the info box). Some panels and the old lead-acid battery can be used on the roof of our warehouse, where the power demand is lower. This means that all the materials already purchased can be put to good use.

What is collected for

For the purchase and installation of new solar panels and a new storage battery we need about 16’000 Swiss francs. With a donation you enable a sustainable, self-sufficient and stable power supply for the health centre. This will enable the health needs of the population to be met even more effectively.

What happens with your donation

100% of your donation will go towards the expansion of the solar system. This includes the costs for the material and the expenses that arise for the installation of the solar system and the battery. The components are sourced from a local company under Swiss management. The installation and maintenance of the system is then carried out by a local company. The board of KamerunGO! works on a voluntary basis, therefore your donation will not be used for administrative expenses, marketing or similar.

A big MERCI for your support!

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